Friday, July 24, 2009

Paige - Class of 2010

Paige will be starting her senior year at Pass Christian High School in just a few weeks. (Can you believe the summer went by so fast!?)

Paige was so much fun and very outgoing. Paige plays girls basketball for PCHS. The Pass Chrisitan Pirates look like they are going to have a great season!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

I have the greatest job in the world!

I really do. I have the greatest job in the world. Look at this little guy and tell me its possible not to get a great photo of this baby. Truly. He was the perfect little angel. And he let us do all kinds of things with him while he slept. It's such a joy to be a part of people's happiest moments. Engagements, weddings, babies, families. It truly is always an honor when someone asks me to photograph the special moments in their lives.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

We're taking family pictures WHERE?

Okay, so most people might think I'm weird. They schedule me for a family portrait and I tell them to meet me by an alley. I think they start to wonder if they should do a background check on me. But no, I have a clean record :)

I like color and texture and being a little different. That doesn't mean I don't do beach or park pictures. But sometimes, I like to mix things up a bit. And city scapes have just what I'm looking for; and yes, sometimes that means you may be taking your family portrait in an alley. Only if you want to of course, but I dare you to give it a try. You might like it.

I knew this family would be all for it. My camera LOVED these kids!! What little models! I hope I get to photograph them more often!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nice to meet you Lev!

Mr. Lev is now five months old, and I had planned on photographing him months ago. But with the move to the Gulf Coast, I didn't get the pleasure. Luckily, this time I was in Boston I made time to meet the little guy. I'm so glad I did. He's a cutie, and possible romantic interest for my daughter, who seems quite smitten with him!

Leah and Eric are great people who make adorable little boys! Okay, boy, singular, but you know what I mean.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Family on the 4th

A colleague of mine, Caty Morris, took a great photo last year and I wanted to do something similar. At one of her weddings, her guests got together and wrote the word "Congrats" in the air with sparklers and Caty did a great job capturing it.

So, realizing my family all had some sparklers I thought "hey, when better to try this out?" I got them all together and had them spell out the word "FAMILY." It took two tries, but we got the great photo above.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lizzy's in Pass Christian

Brian and I drove by this place tonight and just stopped to have a look. It's a coffee house, breakfast and lunch place and on Friday and Saturday nights, it's a bar! How cool is that? They just opened a couple weeks ago.

Lizzy's in Pass Christian
124 Davis Ave

Their menu looks phenomenal! We miss our old breakfast place in Newton Highlands and so we've been hoping to find something local. I wanted to give a local place some love and support. So stop in sometime and try their coffee, breakfast or lunch.

Brian and I are getting up bright and early to try their breakfast. I'll let you know what we think!!!

Edited to add: It was as good as it looked! Brian and I enjoyed it so much we went two days in a row!
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Top 10 New Orleans Venues with a Spectacular View

Are you still planning your wedding? Are you trying to decide on a beautiful venue with a spectacular view? Then check out this article at Weddings InStlye Magazine online.

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