Friday, January 25, 2008

Back From Tampa!

Okay, I was back three weeks ago, but with with post production and album design I'm behind here on the blog.

It was FANTASTIC! It was four days FILLED with information, techniques, networking, photo shoots and fun.

I have tons of pictures to share from a photoshoot I had with three brides - those will come later.

For now, I'm including pictures of me with two of my wedding photography idols, Yervant and Jerry Ghionis.

Both are out of Australia and are world famous for their wedding photography. And both are SO down to earth. I had a chance to talk with them - and I couldn't believe how nice they were! I had the pleasure of attending a seminar with Jerry Ghionis this summer - and was just blown away... so getting to hear him speak again was a real treat.

Here I am with Yervant

And with Jerry Ghionis.
And coming soon: