Thursday, August 2, 2018

Pascagoula Wedding - Lindsey and Shawn, Grand Magnolia Ballroom

    Wedding days aren't perfect.  They may appear perfect in the magazine or on a blog.  But wedding days can be chaotic.  They can run behind schedule.  This particular wedding day was pretty close to perfect, but it was hot.  And humid.  And, did I mention, hot?  Plans of wedding pictures outside in the sun for an hour can quickly turn into "let's do this quickly."  We don't want bridemaids overheating, flower girls with sunburns, or groomsmen getting dehydrated.  

    But do you know what *is* perfect?   That moment when Lindsey saw Shawn for the first time that day and all her jitters just disappeared.  Their love and the love of their families and friends - that, too was perfect.  The quiet moments between Lindsey and her mom while she helped her into her gown - also, perfect.

    So as they say, "Don't sweat the small stuff."  (And on this particular day, I do mean *sweat*!)  

    The bridal preparation took place at the Grand Magnolia Ballroom and Suites in Pascagoula, MS.  Lindsey and Shawn wanted to exchange and read letters from one another before the first look and it was possibly my favorite moment of the day.  Enjoy!!

    Bridal & Wedding Party Attire: Bridal and Formal Boutique House of Tux
    Venue: The Grand Magnolia Ballroom & Suites
    Church: Our Lady of Victories Pascagoula
    Catering: Scranton's Restaurant and Catering
    Makeup: Olivia Schoenberger... 
    Hair: The Company Salon & Spa
    Music: Cuisine The Band
    First, I will let you indulge in these gorgeous bridals of Lindsey and her puppy Nana at the Old Place in Gautier, MS.   

    Now on to the wedding day......