Friday, September 23, 2011

Wedding Photographer or Storm Chaser?

Yes, I know - where have I been? The answer is - all over! The summer has been a busy one, travelling to Boston for a few weddings, to New York City and Long Island, back to Boston for my best friends bachelorette celebration and then back again to Boston for a Labor Day Weekend wedding. Not to mention photographing weddings in New Orleans, Tupelo, Meridian and South Mississippi. Did I mention it's been a busy summer?

So, can we talk about the storms for just a moment? I swear they were following me!! First Hurricane Irene followed me to Boston. Then coming back home after Labor Day I flew right into Tropical Storm Lee. Yes, that's right. The plane landed in New Orleans during a tropical storm. It was a frightening landing, white knuckles and all. Who knew being a wedding photographer would coincide with storm chasing. The hazards of the job, I guess.

You can see pictures from Crystal and Jame's wedding at the New England Aquarium on my facebook page here. The week before that I was at the Andover Country Club celebrating with Melanie and Ryan here. I have so much to blog, but so little time to do it, but wanted to say hello and leave you with the above sneak peak from Sara and Larry's wedding at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. More coming very soon. (Really. Soon. I promise).

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chris and Britney, La Maison, Gautier Mississippi Wedding Photographer

I do love May weddings. Flowers in bloom, a warm breeze... what's not to love? Britney and Chris' May wedding took place at La Maison (The Old Place) in Gautier, MS. La Maison is quickly becoming one of my favorite wedding venues on the coast. I just can't get over the Spanish moss on the old oak trees. I could eat it up (although I'm sure it's not good to do that, so I won't).

As you can CLEARLY see, Britney and Chris are quite easy on the eyes. And while they are obvisouly beautiful on the outside, what is more endearing was how beautiful they are on the inside. I don't know them well but once their friends and family began the speach/toasting portion of the evening, it was evident. Tears and laughter were flowing from everyone's eyes as they professed their love for this couple. I'm not sure there was a dry eye in the place. But what a wonderful testament to their union it was.

Britney's family did all the decorations and flowers (wow, what a talented family). Broome's Catering out of Ocean Springs kept the guests' bellies full before the yummy cake from Nita Lee was served. And finally the guests enjoyed an evening of dancing and entertainment provided by Doobie Derouen WWW.DJDOOBIE.COM.

Congratulations Britney and Chris! Thanks for having me be a part of your special day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Elisa and Jon - Ocean Springs, MS Engagement Session

Okay, I love this couple. I say that alot, but I really LOVE this couple. Elise and Jon are getting married in October. Their wedding is in Colorado, or else I'd seriously consider crashing their big day just so I can take photos of their wedding (is that frowned upon?) Luckily for them, my best friend is getting married that day or I might just hop on a plane to do just that ;)

Okay, now that I've creeped them out, I'll share the images. What a fun couple! Jon is in the Coast Guard and Elise is volunteering for Americorps. They are living in Ocean Springs for now until Jon's duty takes him elsewhere. Of course being from Colorado, they thought it was hot and humid, which by South Mississippi standards it was relatively cool and comfortable. So I had to poke fun a little. But as soon as Jon pulled out his Red Sox hat at the end of the session, they became my favorite clients! (Hint: want to woo your Boston-transplant photographer, wear a Boston Red Sox or Boston University hat and we'll be friends forever).

Meet Jon and Elise!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Jaklyn's Bridals

I'm sure I've said this before, and I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but photographing a bridal session and keeping the photos to myself until the wedding day is like holding in a juicy secret. You know you can't let it out, but you're dying to ;)

Jaklyn has been a busy girl.... graduating from law school; studying, taking and PASSING the bar, all while planning her wedding. Talk about getting things done. And all while appearing clam, cool and collected.

Jaklyn's wedding was Saturday (those pictures to come) at Gulf Hills Country Club in Ocean Springs, MS. Her ceremony took place at the beautiful Marshall Park also in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. And I couldn't be more thankful that she chose Tilley Photography as her wedding photographer. I feel honored each and every time a couple gives me the opportunity to capture the memories of their wedding day.

We discussed where to take her bridal portraits on the gulf coast... and she thought of a very special place. She grew up playing among the oak trees and Spanish moss along the Singing River at a magical place called Twelve Oaks. And so that's where we went. It's in Gautier, MS just down the road from La Maison (The Old Place). Enjoy! She was stunning, don't you agree?

A special thanks to Rachel Cuevas (remember her) from Pine Hills Floral Designs for providing the bouquet for the session!