Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meet Beautiful Rachel, the Mississippi Gulf Coast's newest floral designer

Meet gorgeous, beautiful Rachel! Don't you just love her already? Rachel Cuevas is the owner of Pine Hills Floral Designs in Pass Christian, MS. Flowers run in Rachel's veins you can say - as her family owns and operates Pine Hills Nursery.

She is just what the Mississippi Gulf Coast needed, a fresh (no pun intended) addition to the wedding and event community. Rachel just graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Horticulture and a concentration in Floral Management. Seriously? She KNOWS flowers!

Of course she is practically perfect in every way, except one huge giant detail that almost sent me to my knees. She. Is. A. Yankess. Fan. Not cool for this Boston girl. I bleed Red Sox all the way. But thankfully her charm allows me to look past the surface. And I forgive her for that ;)

Rachel loves weddings and flowers and so now her business combines the two! Looking for a florist (floral designer!) for your wedding? Look no further. Rachel creates beautiful bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and ceremony arrangements.

So she asked me for headshots. Headshots? No - headshots are for lawyers. I wanted to show her personality... so that's what I did. She thought I was a little insane I'm sure. But I think you'll agree these tell you who Rachel is - as opposed to a headshot. So if you need photography for your bio, business profile or website - let me show your clients who you are... don't just get a "headshot."


Jean Jean The Wedding Queen McGrury said...

You really captured Rachel! Amazing florist and person...

Jean Jean The Wedding Queen McGrury said...

You sure captured Rachel’s personality Lisa! Fabulous florist and person all in one package..

Carolyn said...

Sorry, but LOVE that she's a Yankee fan!! =) Great pics, as always! And really great what you're doing for the storm victims!